Bergamo metal chrome plating company

Cromatura Napoleoni is a modern and dynamic company, specialised in chrome and nickel plating.

Founded in 1985 by the two partners Mario and Augusto, the company was originally composed of only three employees and production was limited to a single customer, the company Cassina, for the items in the Le Corbusier line.

Today, thanks to significant technological implementations, Cromatura Napoleoni boasts a full team of 13 highly qualified employees, expertly directed by founders' children: Milena, Ilario, Angelo and Giampiero.

It is thanks to their resourcefulness that Cromatura Napoleoni has managed to diversify and expand its customer portfolio in little time, placing itself on the market of decorative bathroom radiators thanks to collaborations with clients such as Brem, Deltacor and Co.Ge.Fin.

Today Cromatura Napoleoni is a strong and solidly structured company, which does not ignore its family background and the passion that led it to achieve prestigious success.

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